Good Design and Navigation

  • Easy Accessibility: Ensure the contact form is easily accessible for visitors.
  • Optimal Design: Utilize user-friendly layouts, themes, and clear formatting for a seamless experience.

Clear Purpose and Contact Options

  • Clarification: Clearly explain the reasons why visitors should contact your business.
  • Showcasing Work: Display your brand’s services or products to offer insights upfront.
  • Contact Information: Provide email and phone number for immediate communication.
  • Call-to-Action: Include alternative actions for visitors who prefer not to fill out the form, like the option to reach out directly via live chat.

Offer Understanding and Expertise

  • Problem-Solving Info: Describe how your business can address visitors’ needs.
  • Thought Leadership: Showcase expertise through recent blog posts or press mentions.
  • Social Media Links: Connect visitors to active social media accounts for further engagement.

Helpful Content and Interactivity

  • Resource Promotion: Provide links to helpful content and resources for visitors.
  • Creativity: Infuse creativity to create a memorable and positive experience for visitors.
  • Redirection: Direct visitors to a thank you page detailing future communication.
  • Simplicity: Keep the form straightforward and avoid unnecessary fields and words, so your page remains as straightforward as possible — no fluff. Tools like our free AI Paragraph Rewriter can help you effortlessly fine-tune your content.

You can ensure all of these criteria are met by using a free website builder with templates, social icons, and more. You can also use dedicated customer service software to access more advanced features, like a knowledge base builder, omnichannel messaging, ticket management, and more. Now that we’ve gone over best practices let’s review examples of some of the most effective Contact Us pages on the Internet.

Time to get inspired.